In the magnificent cathedral
the Honorable and Right Reverend
elect favorite of the fashionable world,
appears before an elect company and preaches
with emotion
upon the text he himself elected:

"God hath elected
the base things of the world,
and the things that are despised."

And nobody laughs.

—Søren Kiekegaard


All About Us

Have you heard
All about us?
We are Everywhere us
Talking about us
Reading about us
See There!
That was us
On the Television
(I could swear that was
Just us on the television)
Everywhere us
Talking about us
Reading about us
Sleeping with us
Plotting with us
Working and breaking up
With us.

Have you heard
All about us in the streets
The checkstands and restrooms?
We walk these places alone
But we always have us
To think about.

Has the Earth heard
All about us?
Oh yes
But long ago shut its ears
Dug in for the
Long journey
Living somewhere
Under a pile of stones.
Once a year
The Earth comes out
Of its hole
Looks nervously
To see if we're gone
Then disappears
In our shadow

Six more years of us.

Have you heard
All about us?
I have.
In the Great
Meeting Hall I heard
All about us
Every story about us
Story after story
All about us.
And I waited
To hear about
Someone else
Because I've already
Heard all about us
And frankly
I'm bored with us
Because we can't
Get past us
To any real news
Can't hear or see
All that's waiting
Just outside
of us.



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